Topic: Politics

July 26, 2018
  • U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other ERC20 tokens

    • July 26, 2018
    • 12:17 am ET

    Venture for America founder Andrew Yang is running for president and has announced via Twitter that his campaign can now accept crypto, in addition to soliciting $1 donations via Venmo.

    Andrew Yang and Barack Obama
July 22, 2018
  • Financial Stability Council of Ukraine proposes steps to regulate crypto

    • July 22, 2018
    • 1:39 pm ET

    Timur Khromaev, head of the Financial Stability Council of Ukraine, took to social media to voice support for crypto regulations. In order to keep the environment safe, the Council intends to begin regulating tokens and ICOs, but has a hands-off approach to crypto mining.

July 21, 2018
  • Coinbase has formed a political action committee (PAC)

    • July 21, 2018
    • 1:05 am ET

    San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has formed a political action committee (PAC) which can pool campaign contributions and make donations to candidates seeking political office.

July 20, 2018
  • Crypto Invest Summit founder Alon Goren challenges Congressman Brad Sherman to debate crypto

    • July 20, 2018
    • 8:33 pm ET

    Alon Goren, the founder of 805 startups and the Crypto Invest Summit, has challenged Rep. Brad Sherman to cryptocurrency debate following a series of disparaging remarks by the Democrat from CA, including a call to “prohibit US persons from buying or mining cryptocurrencies.”

    Brad Sherman and Alon Goren Debate
  • India’s anticipated Supreme Court decision on crypto ban rescheduled for September

    • July 20, 2018
    • 4:58 pm ET

    On July 19th India’s Supreme Court was set to rule on the RBI’s ban on crypto dealings. Not all involved parties had filed their response to the petition so the final arguments have now been rescheduled for September 11, 2018.

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July 19, 2018
  • Twitter reacts to Rep. Brad Sherman’s comments on cryptocurrency and apparent conflict of interest

    • July 19, 2018
    • 4:42 am ET

    It’s no secret that not everyone in Congress likes cryptocurrency, and Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) seems to be one of the haters. Rep. Sherman initially came to note at the House Financial Services Subcommittee met to examine the growth of virtual currencies in March of this year, where he summarized his issues with crypto as…

    Brad Sherman Remarks on Cryptocurrency
July 18, 2018
  • House passes bipartisan bill to expand definition of accredited investor

    • July 18, 2018
    • 7:30 pm ET

    The U.S House of Represented passed a bill that broadens the SEC’s definition of an “accredited investor” to allow some investors to become accredited who don’t otherwise have sufficient net worth or income to qualify.

    Maxine Waters and Jeb Hensarling
July 14, 2018
  • The United Nations put together panel to investigate blockchains impact on global economics

    • July 14, 2018
    • 9:51 pm ET

    The United Nations Secretary-General has put together a panel of 20 to investigate blockchain’s impact on global economics. The panel, which consists of both women and men at the forefront of public policy, technology, science and academia, will map trends in digital technologies, identify gaps and opportunities, and outline proposals for strengthening international cooperation. The…

July 13, 2018
  • Korean government plans debates on crypto regulations

    • July 13, 2018
    • 2:50 pm ET

    Now that cryptocurrency has been recognized officially by the South Korean government, lawmakers are moving swiftly to set up rules to govern trading, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and even the blockchain itself. Several members of parliament have announced their intent to introduce new bills at the next session of the National Assembly from July 13th…

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