Rocketpool developer releases extensive overview of Ethereum 2.0 roadmap

  • September 8, 2018
  • 8:03 pm ET
  • Cannon Stubblefield

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A report highlighting the collaborative nature of Ethereum 2.0 has been released by a senior blockchain developer.

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Darren Langley, the Senior Blockchain Developer at Rocket Pool, has released an extensive report detailing the specifics of Ethereum 2.0, which combines and implements proof of stake, sharding, and eWASM.

Langley claims:

Once delivered, Ethereum 2.0 will support massive on-chain transaction throughput, while balancing decentralisation and security. With this foundation, Ethereum has the potential to be a key piece of infrastructure for the world’s transfer of value; a platform for new economic systems; and a hub for global collaboration.

Ethereum 2.0 is being built as an open-source effort involving a community of developers who propose and reach decisions through consensus.

No single entity is responsible for keeping the blockchain running which is decentralized on many levels. Many Ethereum client implementations exist, which all written by different software development groups who are collaborating.

In his report, Langley also states:

In addition to client implementations, there is an entire ecosystem of open source software projects working on building different aspects of Ethereum.

  • Smart Contract Languages (Solidity, Vyper)
  • RPC Libraries (web3js, ethers, Nethereum)
  • Development Tools (truffle, ganache, solc, solium)

Take a look at the full report here.

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Rocketpool developer releases extensive overview of Ethereum 2.0 roadmap
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