Restart Energy Democracy releases mobile app and demos new RED-Platform

  • September 14, 2018
  • 4:32 pm ET

The fastest growing private energy company in the European Union has released important updates regarding the migration of the RED-Platform to a new blockchain.

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On Thursday, September 6th, 2018, Restart Energy Democracy (RED) CEO Armand Doru Domuța posted a comprehensive statement about some important changes at RED, most notably the migration of the RED-Platform to a new blockchain along with an update regarding the release of their mobile app, which is now available.

Among the critical details from the release:

…due to security issues and a desire for greater transparency on our network, we have decided to move RED-P to a new blockchain. Therefore, it is our pleasure to present our newest partner: SWAZM — a blockchain infrastructure platform designed specifically for the distribution, management, and scalability of decentralized applications. Using the SWAZM Compute Layer (SCL), RED-P will be able to scale and iterate instantly to millions of clients.

Img via SWAZM

SWAZM is an exciting project, whose developers claim to have already achieved interoperability between different blockchains, and have integrated it in several projects, one of which is already an exchange.

At the moment SWAZM is a private blockchain, but they have released an open source suite of tech on their Github which can be used to sign transactions between multiple chains.


After the announcement, many questions from the community arose and were answered in an informal Q&A, which has been compiled here.

In the Q&A, SWAZM’s CEO Vali Malinoiu commented on the reason you may have not yet heard of SWAZM:

There are a lot of projects that promise things and most of them don’t deliver. We wanted to be different, we wanted to have a piece of technology that actually works and speaks for itself.

In addition to the Q&A, the Restart Energy team streamed a live video on Youtube earlier this morning to give a demo of the new platform, and clarify some additional information.

The RED mobile app has now been launched and can be downloaded on the Google Play for Android devices here. It will be available on The App Store for iOS devices very soon.

Restart will pre-fill your account with 50 free MWAT when you download the app and another 25 free MWAT when you enter the code VYUJ0H.

Restart Energy Democracy releases mobile app and demos new RED-Platform
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