MyWish is beating the EOS drums

  • September 13, 2018
  • 6:45 pm ET
  • Robert Hirsch

Img via MyWish

MyWish will be airdropping EOSISH tokens to all WISH and EOS token holders in mid-October.

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There is a small Ethereum based project out there looking to make everyone’s crypto lives a little easier. It’s a simple concept they are following: Make crypto smart contracts. MyWish is trying to fulfill at least part of the “promise of crypto” at this very early stage.

If you go to the MyWish site, you will find a menu of smart contracts they offer. You can launch a new token on the Ethereum network. You can create a will in a smart contract. You can do a whole token sale. Kids savings accounts in crypto, inheritance contracts, wedding agreements, payment schedules are all available as smart contracts. You can use MyWish to pool funds for ICOs (like PrimaBlock). You will find that setting up these contracts is pretty straightforward and well thought out, and these smart contracts are powered by their WISH tokens.

But then, MyWish, did something neat. They released a similar set of products for the NEO blockchain. This was the first time where a set of digital contracts were available on multiple platforms. It was a major step forward for MyWish.

Then, in August of 2018, MyWish announced that they were creating tools to make account creation for EOS much easier. This started their public foray into supporting EOS. Shortly thereafter, they announced that their platform could be used to create smart contracts on the EOS network, personalized tokens and such. For all of this, payment for these services happened in ERC-20 WISH tokens.


And boy have those tokens taken a beating this year. Like most altcoins out there, WISH saw huge highs of $2.27 for each WISH token in January. Now it wiggles around 5 cents. Ouch. But they kept working. They kept releasing new contracts on their menu. Unlike so many other projects that saw similar crashing token prices, MyWish actually kept releasing products.

Now, this week, MyWish released some really significant news. They are distributing another token, EOSISH, based on the EOS network. This may seem like a move that will devalue the ERC-20 MyWish token, but instead, if their services are valued, it should raise the price.

Img via MyWish

There is no EOSISH ICO. They will be airdropping EOSISH to every WISH token holder’s EOS wallet on a 1:1 basis. They will also be airdropping EOSISH to EOS holders on a 2:100 basis (that is, you get 2 EOSISH for each 100 EOS you have). Thus, if you think these are good services that should be on the EOS network, and you want the EOSISH tokens, your best bet is to head on over to an exchange and buy some ERC-20 WISH tokens. There will be a snapshot in early October and a planned airdrop date of October 16, 2018. Some block producers have even posted about their excitement about MyWish coming on board.

The creation of EOSISH tokens from a company that has already produced such varied smart contract products says a ton about their expectations of the power and flexibility of the EOS network. There should be some interesting new things coming from MyWish in the future

Robert Hirsch
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Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and currently lives in Puerto Rico pursuing multiple projects in blockchain, aquaponics, writing and product development. His previous projects include work in special effects on movies such as Hook, Radio Flyer, and Operation Dumbo Drop, product development in the fuel cell and hydrogen industries as well as writing a couple of steampunk and sci-fi books.

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MyWish is beating the EOS drums
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