Crypto Invest Summit announces Steve Wozniak as keynote speaker

  • August 8, 2018
  • 12:00 pm ET
Crypto Invest Summit Steve Wozniak Keynote

Steve Wozniak will deliver a keynote “fireside chat” at Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) at the LA Convention Center in October. Woz co-founded Apple and Crypto Invest Summit is “the world’s largest investment focused cryptocurrency and blockchain event.”

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If you’re one of the 6,000 people expected at Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) at the LA Convention Center in October, you’re in for a treat as Steve Wozniak has just been announced as the keynote speaker.

Woz, as you probably know, co-founded Apple with that other Steve, though he didn’t quite slingshot past the moon like Jobs did.

He’s also an early and ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Crypto Invest Summit isn’t nearly as well known as Wozniak, but it does have a pretty large presence as “the world’s largest investment focused cryptocurrency and blockchain event,” featuring 100s of exhibitors and dozens of learning opportunities for attendees over three days.

Together, CIS and Woz are aligned on a common mission: opening up crypto and blockchain to mainstream audiences. Here’s what he said about his engagement at CIS;

“I am very excited to speak about the potential for Bitcoin and blockchain at Crypto Invest Summit. I want to speak with the biggest players in the blockchain community, and challenge them to make innovative products that create utility – and then bring real value to their users.”

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

In his second life, Wozniak is known for his worldwide activism on such topics as decentralization, distribution, and perhaps most notably, fairness.


Given his history, and vision, it’s no surprise that Crypto Invest Summit co-founder Alon Goren had some pretty nice things to say about Wozniak:

“No one demonstrates innovation and distributing its rewards to those who helped build it more than the Woz. That is the fundamental spirit behind why so many of us were drawn to the cryptocurrency community. To do it right, everyone is incentivized and rewarded for participation.”

Alon Goren, co-founder of CIS

In their release announcing the keynote, Crypto Invest Summit pointed to some poignant examples of Wozniak’s activism in challenging some major players in the tech industry, starting right at home with Apple.

Here are some highlights:

  1. He gave away $10 million in Apple stock when Jobs didn’t want to share with early employees
  2. He deactivated his Facebook account, calling out Mark Zuckerberg for taking advantage of users
  3. He dogged Elon Musk at a conference in Vegas, saying there was too much hype around Tesla
  4. He challenged ride-share giant Uber for being monopolistic and not paying their drivers enough

As with most things Woz, don’t expect a standard (read: boring) keynote. Josef Helm, CIS co-founder, had this to say about Wozniak’s “fireside chat” keynote:

“We want Woz and the audience to debate and discuss blockchain technology and its applications. Our platform is for candid conversations, fostering relationships, and deal flow. Ten people from the audience will get to ask Woz questions. The whole point is to learn things at the summit that cannot be easily searched for on google.”

Josef Helm, co-founder of CIS

Other CIS speakers include Tim Draper, Crystal Rose, Rodney Sampson, David Bleznak, David Weild, Adam Draper, Jeremy Gardner, Emily Bush, Ran Neu-Ner, Miko Matsumura, Tegan Kline, Alex Wearn, Steven McKie, Yossi Hasson and Scott Walker.

CIS Sponsors and partners include Totle, Netki, Optimum, BitIRA, Aurora (IDEX), CNBC Crypto Trader, GHV, Onchain Capital, Struck Capital, Gumi Cryptos, Krowdster, Wavemaker Genesis, DNA and American Airlines.

Visit the Crypto Invest Summit website for more info. If you decide to register, you can use the code “maxcryptonews30” for a 30% discount. And no, we don’t get a kickback.

Crypto Invest Summit Steve Wozniak Keynote
Crypto Invest Summit announces Steve Wozniak as keynote speaker
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