Adult industry accepting cryptocurrency payments through the PumaPay protocol

  • September 7, 2018
  • 6:49 pm ET
  • Obasi Ifegwu

PumaPay continues to expand in an effort to ensure mainstream adoption of its disruptive payment processing protocol.

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In an announcement this week, Pumapay has confirmed that the adult industry has embraced their protocol as a method of payment processing. The alliance with PumaPay was initiated by one of the industry’s leaders – PornHub, and was followed by an exciting high-quality video advert used to announce the new partnership.

PumaPay has developed a cardless payment infrastructure which is based on blockchain technology. It allows merchants and clients to process push; recurrent, and pull payments with ease while avoiding the old complex payment processing infrastructures currently used by Visa and Mastercard.


In addition, the creation of the PumaPay protocol eliminates the middlemen that exist in the payment processing industry and provides a solution to the high processing fees currently experienced.

Barely 14 days after the first adult entertainment firm’s partnership, a host of other prominent leaders in the adult industry space have shown interest in the PumaPay protocol and also extended a hand of partnership.

Although the PumaPay website states that it has over 50+ leading brands that have signed up for their payment solution protocol, the most recently popular is the acceptance of the protocol by these major players in the adult content/movie industry, an industry worth somewhere near $97 billion and growing.

Obasi Ifegwu
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Obasi Ifegwu

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Adult industry accepting cryptocurrency payments through the PumaPay protocol
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