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August 9, 2018
  • Japan’s FSA seeks to regulate speculative crypto trading

    • August 9, 2018
    • 2:16 pm ET

    Japan’s FSA is considering adopting new rules to curtail speculative trading on crypto exchanges. The move comes as the use of crypto in Japan is stagnant as trading volumes continue to surge.

July 29, 2018
  • Japan’s self-regulatory Cryptocurrency Exchange Association plans new margin limits

    • July 29, 2018
    • 12:04 am ET

    The JVCEA, Japan’s self-regulated group of crypto exchanges, is planning to introduce margin limits of 4-1 in local trading. The move is expected to help prevent investors from wild price swings inherent to Bitcoin andother tokens.

    Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association
July 15, 2018
  • Bithumb is expanding to Japan and Thailand

    • July 15, 2018
    • 10:13 pm ET

    The popular South Korean exchange is currently seeking approval from the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) and is planning to launch an exchange there in February of 2019. A Thai subsidiary has also been established and the exchange plans to offer trading services in Thailand by the end of October.

July 7, 2018
June 29, 2018
September 19, 2018
  • Members of UK House of Parliament call for crypto regulation

    • September 19, 2018
    • 2:23 pm ET

    With Brexit looming, Westminster urged to follow leading nations such as Japan in crypto regulation or risk being left behind.

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September 9, 2018
  • Yoon Suk-heun proposes “international discipline system” for crypto in South Korea

    • September 9, 2018
    • 5:51 pm ET

    Recently, officials and regulators from fifteen countries gathered to discuss cryptocurrency and global regulatory issues in Seoul.

August 13, 2018
  • Another 50 million Tether created, but how is the digital dollar backed?

    • August 13, 2018
    • 5:19 am ET

    The Wall Street Journal is raising some red flags after recent news of more Tether being created, and reported that “there isn’t hard evidence the cash supporting it exists.”

July 22, 2018
  • G20 releases official statement on cryptocurrency

    • July 22, 2018
    • 8:45 pm ET

    The G20, in their mid-July meeting, declared their official position on crypto and related assets. While they outlined the risks associated with the technology, they do not appear to be opposed to its existence.

July 11, 2018
  • SEC opens comments for CBOE SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal

    • July 11, 2018
    • 1:27 am ET

    At the end of June, the CBOE provided a proposal to the SEC to list and trade SolidX Bitcoin shares as a Bitcoin ETF backed by VanEck asset management. Now, the SEC has opened up the comments page for the CBOE ETF proposal, where you can learn how to submit comments and see what others…

July 8, 2018

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